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Parcel service

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International Service

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Ecommarce Packaging service
Packaging Service
Under this service we provide Carton Packaging Booking Services: Items that are booked vide cartons are procured from SETS. The items are specific to delivery
Value Declared Service
Under this service, through our countrywide 110 branches and agency offices, we collect the value declared amount against “Ecommerce and Condition Parcel Products”
Mobile & ICT Equipment Service
These are regular parcel services limited to the mobile and ICT importers/distributors/manufacturers and vendors. who seek the parcel delivery services from us.
E-Traffic Service
The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is using our services to provide delivery of seized legal documents of vehicles and the clearance certificates of the police cases against penalty payment made.

Why Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS) Ltd.?

Sundarban is a household name to all in Bangladesh for having been the pioneer of Courier and Parcel Services in this country. From the Corporate Clients to the average person all the persons have been availing the services of Sundarban.

It is reliable and the label is a trustworthy name to all who have taken, taking and will take the services of this Company. The many years of service to the mass and to the corporates have made it the service for all to take.

We balance all the clients in a democratic manner and therefore there is no bias and that has itself encouraged repeat clients with similar wants for services.

Due to its presence in every remote pocket throughout this country many have found it to be very convenient to send and receive with ease and harmony and this has tempted all to use Sundarban against many competitors who are in the similar trade.

Single point of contact for the many services. It is catering to multiple services from a one point and that also includes its own logistics fleet.

  • Runner Service
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Free Estimates
  • Emergency Services On Demand
  • Logistics Service
  • Economical

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Latest News & Events

15 Mar

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd achieved BRAND LEADERSHIP AWARD

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd achieved BRAND LEADERSHIP AWARD

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15 May

The new polypac packet for e-commerce was unveiled on 15/05/018

Sundarban Courier Service 07 Dilkusha Office on 15/05/018, the new polypac packet for e-commerce was unveiled

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15 Mar

Business Conference Sundarban Courier Service

Business Conference Sundarban Courier ServiceBusiness Conference Sundarban Courier ServiceBusiness Conference

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