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Terms and Conditions for booking of documents, letters, gift items and other valuable items:

  • It is forbidden to send cash, cheque/ Gift Cheque, Prize bond with the documents without declaration.

  • Sender must supply all valid papers regarding the consignment before booking for verification of Police, Customers, Octroi or any other legal agencies for lack of which responsibilities (Taking legal action) including financial loss will be borne by the consignee.

  • Sender must bear the liability of the information of booked item/goods/documents etc.

  • If the consignment is received by the nominated/selected person of the consignee, it will be assumed to be delivered to the right person and in such situation no complaint will be accepted.

  • Company will not bear any liabilities if any loss/damages/missing occurs arising out of accident beyond control and in such cases the sender or the receiver cannot claim any compensation.

  • Company can use any type of transportation for quick delivery of the items/documents booked by the consignee.

  • Any accident occurs either in road, air or by water due to strike for which the dispatch of the booked items may be delayed and in such cases company will nit be liable for any loss, damage, missing or breakage.

  • Any items that may cause damage other items/goods, cannot be booked for carrying by the company and in violation on which company will not bear the loss/damage breakage and all liabilities will go to the consignee only.

  • Company will not be liable while carrying the items/goods/documents due to natural calamities, fire or any accident beyond control.

  • Company reserves the right to inspect or verify any consignment before booking.

  • The company will reserves POD for one month only for verification by the sender/consignee.

  • No complaint will be acceptable after the expiry of 7 days of booking.

  • At the time of delivery, the receiver must satisfy itself about the receipt of consignment in good condition and no complaint will be received afterwords.

  • The company will pay compensation for any loss/damage/missing for any consignment, if provide due to negligence on the part of the company and in such cases tk. 1000 to 3000 will be paid to the consignee against Non-documents & Super Express Service and 300 taka only for document service.

  • Super Express parcel and gift services is limited upto 5 kg only.