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Our Services

In Cash Parcel Booking Services:

Between market wholesale product supplier and dealers located regionally delivery is channeled through SUNDARBAN. This is done between most of the large-scale markets in Bangladesh where item purchases are made in wholesales.

To-Pay Service

Without booking the consignment cash, it is a two-way service to receive the booked booking charge from the recipient on the pre-delivery day. This service applies only to all the branches of the company / agency office that have parallel services.

Condition Service

Without the booking of cash in consignment, the delivery process of the consignment of the sender by accepting the price charged by the receiver and the price of the consignment declared on the delivery day, without any booking, is the Condition Service. This service applies only to all the branches / agency offices in the company that have parallel and video services.

Mobile Booking Service

Our Mobile Service is extended for booking from our branches & agents all over Bangladesh and we deliver delicate Mobile packages very safely.

Foreign Parcel Booking Service

Foreign Parcel Booking Services (Domestic): These are Foreign Parcels that are booked through SUNDARBAN coming Via CNF Agents that are tagged to SUNDARBAN. These items come from many countries of the World (all continents) and they are brought to SUNDARBAN and according delivered to the destined locations after their booking. The booking Charges are as follows:

  • Covered Van Route : TK 10/- per kg
  • Covered Van Route Transit: TK 14/- per kg
  • Non-Covered Van Route (District). TK 17/- per kg
  • Non-Covered Van Route (Thana). TK 25/- per kg

Packeging Service

Carton Booking Services: Items that are booked vide cartons procured from SETS. The items are specific to delivery of parcels using the cartons of many sizes. We have 5 sizes of Cartons from

1CFT Dhaka – One Way within Servicable Area 150. Transit 250
1.5 CFT Dhaka – One Way within Servicable Area 200. Transit 350
2 CFT Dhaka – One Way within Servicable Area 300. Transit 450
2.5 CFT Dhaka – One Way within Servicable Area 400. Transit 550
3 CFT Dhaka – One Way within Servicable Area 450. Transit 650

The items placed in these cartons are mostly limited to fragile items and gift items.

General Parcel Credit (GPC) Booking Services:

This is a service provided by our department maintaining the same name. The service includes providing very largest multinationals and corporates (ie GP Robi Teletalk) services such as the promotional items, sims, mobiles, and general products of corporates in very large bulks. These are treated as parcel services products limited to these corporates.

Medicine Booking Services:

These are regular parcel services limited to the pharmaceuticals who seek the parcel delivery services from us. We collect their medicine cartons from their factory/warehouse and then supply it to their destined depots on the basis of their corporate instructions to us.

Value Declared Service

Through the 93 branches of the country and the agency office, the public money is conveyed to the people of their respective families within 24 hours following all the rules and regulations of the government. Service charges are charged for 1st thousand and Tk 10 for every one thousand.

E-Commarce Service

E-commerce is a well-known online business in modern times. Customers who sell online products of their choice from anywhere are available online. We serve as a carrier.

The Introduction of E-Commerce

We are proud to inform with pleasure that as the present Government began focusing on IT related services Sundarban Courier Service decided to expand its frontiers in E-Commerce for the development of both Urban and Rural E-Commerce. In so doing it ventured into providing more services to the mass through Sundarban Courier Services (Pvt.) Ltd. through E-Commerce at the Union level of the remote regions of the country by partnering E-Commerce companies and complementing its own product lines of courier and parcel. We saw the need to cater to all types of E-Commerce services from Business-Consumer, Business-Business etc.

Taking this into consideration more and more E-Commerce companies have tied up with Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd to expand its own frontiers throughout the nation, using the service delivery backbone of this Country.

Ample opportunity of growth is thus foreseen in this market segment especially with the reduction of onsite purchase and dependency on electronic purchase through online applications. This, itself has contributed to massive dependency on Sundarban in many corners of the country.

Corporate Focus

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd has been very corporate focus as a large chunk of its clientele demand have been from the corporate market considering the daily requirements on a massive scale. Many market segments are being catered to as there are ample requirements that are mainly being addressed in the Bangladesh market by Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd

With our infrastructure technology and logistics we are comfortably addressing the requirement of corporates which include couriers parcels e-commerce products and we are ready to deliver a diverse list of items from the smallest to the largest as long as they are within the legitimate and legally accepted items.

The Company generally assigns an Account Manager who is dedicated to the Corporate and accordingly he/she is given the task to address the requirements from initiating the mutual arrangement whereby which the parameters of task of the concerned parties are defined and accordingly the rate tables of the list of frequently moving items are finalized vide a legal Formal Agreement. The agreement is a professional one with tentative monthly business pipelines with that company. Our team for Corporate Sales is completely segregated from our general walk in retail business and the approach is totally as that of any major companies handling corporates.

Our name, services and physical presence has been the strength of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd. We feel that the people’s trust in our goodwill will ensure more and more expansion and it is permitting us to extend our services to the mass with additional products and services and thus assuring added means in providing facilities to the many. Serving is the purpose of Sundarban!!!!!!

Reserved Services:

As per the requirements of the Corporate we address Reserved Services. These are generally provided by vehicle services and the costing is done on the basis of the load requirement as per the ton required to address the delivery services. Accordingly we allot vehicles and bill the clients on the basis of the allotted ton availed by the Corporate taking the service. These are limited to eligible corporates who regularly require the Reserved Services.

Other Service

We do have the ability to provide additional services through our infrastructure with additional licenses we we do legitimate a) Freight Forwarding, b) operate as a CNF agent c) provide International Courier Service. We have found that since our label does extend into many territories we do keep all options available for those who wishi to depend wholly upon us. These also include catering to both the Airport, Sea Ports as well as border handling where applicable.

These are actually services that are sought by many of our clientele both local and foreign as they feel that a single point of contact for the many services help them a lot. Therefore we do keep provisions for such services for them under a single banner.