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Packaging Service

Under this service we provide Carton Packaging Booking Services: Items that are booked vide cartons are procured from SETS. The items are specific to delivery of parcels using the cartons of many sizes. We have 5 sizes of Cartons from

Product Name Size Weight One Way Rate Transit Rate
Popular Box Up to 1CFT 5KG 150 TK 250 TK
Classic Box Up to 1.5 CFT 7.5 KG 200 TK 350 TK
Regular Box Up to 2 CFT 10 KG 300 TK 450 TK
Big Box Up to 2.5 CFT 12.5 KG 400 TK 550 TK
Jumbo Box Up to 3 CFT 15 KG 450 TK 650 TK

The items placed in these cartons are mostly limited to fragile items and gift items.