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International Services:

Sundarban started their journey in the International sector quite some time ago to serve the nation. Now Sundarban is providing secured delivery support to about 220 countries Globally with online tracking facility and very competitive rates. To make door to door and timely delivery, we are representing the biggest and most renowned Global express companies. For Air/Sea freight, clearing/forwarding, export/import, Sundarban is now a reliable singular service provider for both commercial and personal effect shipment.

Foreign Inbound Parcel Service:

SETS primarily focuses on Inbound parcels coming specifically from GCC, Europe, Far East and other countries Globally as the traffic inbound parcels are very high in this market segment. The clientele are mainly those who are planning to export to Bangladesh from their countries and those who are planning to extend their business interest and/or personal interest in Bangladesh down the road. As our reach is vast we are focusing Globally including freight forwarding and CNF service. We also extend these services with local logistics of our own to meet individual customer requirements.