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Agency Arrangement

Terms and Conditions

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd operates using both branches as well as franchise agency arrangements location wise. It initiated many franchises since it was formed so that the coverage would slowly provide extended arms throughout the country. This has contributed to growth and extension making Sundarban maintain one of the largest network setup throughout the country.

Franchises are defined by compliance of 8 policies whereby which they can actually address the requirements and meet the qualification criteria of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd in becoming an Agent on behalf of the latter.

Agency arrangements are mostly for courier bases services of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt). Ltd. However for very very selective Agents the Company has provided options whereby which they have been able to also provide parcel services along with. However these are on the basis of their potential to generate good business and at the same time their long term relationship with the Company.

Agency Rules and regulations:

  • For Agency/Booking Booth recruitment in the Dhaka Metropolitan / District level registration fee is one time Tk 1,00,000/- non-refundable. For Upazilla /Thana level registration the fees is one time Tk 50,000/- non-refundable

  • Every 5 km an agency/ booking booth can be provided as per policy.

  • Agency owners will be provided in certain given areas by Head Office for the given territory. Agency can only collect and deliver in their given area/territory.

  • Agency/ booking booth owner must buy CN books from the central account given by the Company at a given fixed rate and they can booking only at the provided rates given by the Company to them for the items/services.

  • Agency owner can only do booking and do delivery within his given territory/area. Booking both owners can only can do booking.

  • Agency/Booking Booth owners cannot book any kind of illegal/restricted goods or items restricted by the Company. Agencies/Booth owners are caught undertaking such activities, legal action and/or cancellation of his Agency/ booking booth will be undertaken by the Company.

  • On completion of booking, the items booked will need to be provided to the respective Company branch office within 8.00 p.m. If that is not done appropriately e.g. If delivery is not done on time everyday/causing delays, the agent/booking owner will face financial penalty will be imposed and administrative action will be taken by the Company.

  • For undertaking booking, the sender’s and receiver’s full name, address, mobile number and goods must be checked before entering the required information into the booking.